Wednesday, July 20, 2011

So Much to Catch Up On!

I realize I've been MIA for several weeks. Part of that was due to our get-away to the lovely state of Kansas to see my family, and partly because once we got back, I had a week to make a skirt for a wedding, including drafting and trying out the pattern first. Even now, I have a special event this weekend, but I did want to post at least a LITTLE bit of what I've been up to sewing-wise this past month or so:)

FIrst up...I'm always excited to share pics of things I've made...but when they are to be gifts and the receivers may possibly read this blog...I'm forced to hold back until after the gift has been given to post about them. Case in point: Leather Notebook Covers for my mom, sisters, niece and daughters. Whew...that was a lot of leather sewing! Thankfully my Baby (my old Kenmore sewing machine that was my inheritance from a very beloved aunt) was up to the task!

So, here's a few pics of the leather notebook holders!

I love the Heather Ross fabric on these! The dogs are just too cute! The two for my daughters are similar, but one is stitched in pink thread and the other in red. The back round on the fabrics is different too, since I was able to get different colorways of the same print. My niece's is stitched in orange. Thankfully the kids all seem to love them! The girls are all just old enough to appreciate a nice sized notebook for all their picture-making, story-writing adventures! Now, of course, the mini notebook I made for my 4 year old son, is not quite enough for him...he wants a big one like his sisters. And so I will make him one too. I might as well...

Next were the leather notebook covers for my mom and sisters. These are a smaller size. I am really happy with the to make one for me!! i could really use it this weekend!

The backs all have my new "Vintage Ruth" labels on them...thanks to my super sweet friend Alanna, and her very computer-savvy, graphic-designer hubby! Thank you so, so much!!

 So, those are the notebooks covers. I'm pleased with them, but now need to make a few more.

Two last gifts for my niece...a water bottle holder and a door-sign. I know, don't they sound like very exciting gifts for a 6 year old? Well, they are at least practical (she has toys a plenty!)

The sign is hand-embroidered (in case it's hard to tell on the computer). I had a lot of fun doing it too (except the lettering...I found I stink at the satin stitch, LOL!) These embroidery hoop hangings are all the rage in blog-land, but this was my first time trying one out for myself. I would happily do more though!
And here is my adorable niece Libby, holding her notebook and wearing her water bottle holder. (The new 18 oz Klean Kanteen was part of the gift.) Since her cousins (aka, my kids!) all had water bottles and holders, I thought she might like to have one too, especially since we were planning a few outings while were there. And let me tell you...the Kansas heat can get to you after a few minutes of sun! Water is very necessary!

I'll do a separate post on the water bottle holders soon. There's too much to say and this post is already pretty big!

So, there's part of the fruits of my sewing labors the past month! I'll be back soon!