Saturday, June 13, 2009

Circle Skirts for Everyone!

These skirts are all kinds of fun! They spin marvelously, and are simple to make! My girls' love them, and so do I (I'm really just a grown-up girly-girl!)

They are full circle skirts with a yoke. The first two I made did not have a drawstring in the front, but the second three I made do have them. All the backs are elasticized for easy on/off. The hem is roll-hem serged, which I think helps give them movement also.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More pics of my sewing space...

Here's a few more pics of the sewing space. It's not done yet, but the furniture (albeit a chair) is all in. The organization is what's next! I just need some time to get it all done!

So, here's a salvaged metal cabinet that used to belong to my grandmother. It held all her cake decorating supplies. It was a plain dingy white before, but got a super fun make-over with some fabulous blue latex paint and poly-acrylic top-coat. This cabinet holds a ton!! It's great for hiding the not-so-pretty crafting tools! Oh, and the best part is...I can use magnets on the cabinet!!

And "after"...

Anyhow, I need to run. I don't have as much time as I thought I did to post more. I'll be back later!

Thanks for looking!

...Ruth Elizabeth

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sleep or Sew...

The age old question for sleep or to sew. I realized today that the answer depends on the time of day it is.

Let's say for example that it is 1 pm. I have just put my "baby" to bed (he's not such a baby anymore!), my 4 year old is playing quietly by herself, and the oldest is in school. What do I do? Sleep (well, sort-of...half sleep, half keep an eye on 4 year old), or sew? Sleep of course!!!

Now, all kiddos are in bed, let's say it's after 11 pm. Sleep or sew? Sew, of course!!!

It's silly, but my brain just functions better at night. I love to sleep during the day, and have the night to myself. Of course, this schedule doesn't always work so well for a mother of three! So, tonight, I'm going to bed! Good night!