Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sleep or Sew...

The age old question for sleep or to sew. I realized today that the answer depends on the time of day it is.

Let's say for example that it is 1 pm. I have just put my "baby" to bed (he's not such a baby anymore!), my 4 year old is playing quietly by herself, and the oldest is in school. What do I do? Sleep (well, sort-of...half sleep, half keep an eye on 4 year old), or sew? Sleep of course!!!

Now, all kiddos are in bed, let's say it's after 11 pm. Sleep or sew? Sew, of course!!!

It's silly, but my brain just functions better at night. I love to sleep during the day, and have the night to myself. Of course, this schedule doesn't always work so well for a mother of three! So, tonight, I'm going to bed! Good night!


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