Friday, May 6, 2011

Playing "Catch Up" on Projects! Part 1

This is supposed to be a place to chronicle my sewing projects and adventures. However, I've been terrible about posting pictures for my completed projects. So now, in no particular order, I'm going to begin adding pics of my completed projects. This is over a time span of more than 2 years, so there's quite a bit to show. It won't be all in one post, but I'll keep adding more. And this time, I'll try to keep up with my current projects more diligently...I promise:)

To start with...anniversary present for my little sister and her husband. Hand Embroidered, hand sewn (of course!) travel size pillow covers. My sis, like me, is enamored with vintage style and classic hollywood romance...hence the choice of the art deco monogramming.

These were gifts for a friend of mine, Lisa (If you are from TBW, you'll know her as "beachgirl3495"! This was for the arrival of her 4th baby...who is now 2 years old!

This is a bag for her (then 2 year old) son to carry his cars in. It has a detachable play-mat for making sure he always had a "road".

Every baby deserves fresh burp-cloths, so here's some brand-spankin' new ones. They are embellished cloth diapers. The fabric choices were a combination of mine and hers (she has really good taste in fabrics!)
 Individual sized wet-bags....perfect for cloth diapering! She picked beautiful fabrics from Heather Ross. See, I told you she had good taste!

 And a bag to hold all the goodies in. (There were goodies for her older daughters as well, but I don't have any good pics of them. Book covers and beaded badge card necklaces is what they got). This bag was just supposed to be a "gift bag", but Lisa ended up using it as a diaper bag for a while! I was flattered as well as happy that it held up as well as it did, considering it wasn't made for it!

So, I'll add more projects in another post...stay tuned! I have a LOT to catch up on!
xoxo, Ruth

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