Sunday, May 29, 2011

Three Kyoko's and a Shower Curtain

When the Mezzanine fabric collection came out by Patty Young a few years ago, I was part of an active co-op that pre-ordered the fabric. I got a little carried away and ended up with 14 yards of fabric (two yards each of 7 different prints!). I had plans though. First to do with the fabric: Make Kyoko Dresses for my daughters and my niece. My nieces' dress came first.

My only "complaint" with the dress pattern is that the skirt is a little shorter than I would prefer. It's just at the knees. I like the girls' dresses to last more than one year if possible, so I lengthened the skirt on my daughters' dresses. My niece got the first dress, so hers is shorter. I would have altered hers if I had known. Three Kyoko dresses, wow! That was alot of work! But I still had plenty of left-over fabric! What to do next...?

Our bathroom was in desperate need of a shower curtain. The vintage one that had been hanging, had water spots on it that didn't want to come out. I took it down to wash it (again), and this time refused to put it back up. Instead, I decided to use my left-over Mezzanine fabric to make a new curtain!

This curtain took a LOT of hours to create. Getting the lay-out just right was difficult (and stressful!). Then each seam is stitched and then serged for strength and durability. The hems are double folded and there is a hidden layer of canvas along the top where the grommets are to help the fabric lay nicely. I have no idea how many hours actually went into making this, but I'm sure glad I like it in the end! Did I mention I already have ideas for another curtain? (and it involves natural colored linen!)
That's all for now! Thanks for letting me share!


  1. You did a great job!!!! Love the shower curtain idea!!! We need one maybe I will just have to make one now with your inspiration!!!! Here is what I have done with the patty young knits we bought a while back!

  2. So much fun!!! I love that line...everything turned out so cute!!

  3. Great job on the dresses AND the shower curtain! I have quite a few of those PY prints in my stash. Maybe I'll break those out soon. :)

  4. Thanks ladies, and also for the links to your blogs! I appreciate it! You ladies still do some amazing work!