Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Just one of those days...

So, with the release of CraftSanity Magazine this week (and my pattern in it), I really wanted to have a few items for sale in my Etsy shop. However, my attempts at sewing yesterday did not yield the results I had hoped for. It was just one of those days. Nothing would work right. The pattern I was using (my own, and I've used it before...just a few days ago!) just wouldn't turn out the way it's supposed to. Finally, at 11:30 pm, I gave up and headed for bed, tears in my eyes as I looked at my sad attempts at sewing for the day. My dear sweet hubby tried to cheer me up and tell me that it all looked great, but I know the truth.

And now, it's the end of the school year (with all the picnics, graduations that it entails), we have a very busy week and next week I'll be prepping for our time with our family. So, sadly, I think it's quite possible that there will be no "stocking" at my shop this week. Maybe. I may attempt again if I can sneak down to my studio for a few minutes and sort out the troubles I was having yesterday. Or maybe I'll try making something else for the shop.

At any rate, I'm sure no one is "standing in line" waiting for me to stock my shop, however, I do apologize for my lack of getting things listed. Thank you for understanding. I truly do appreciate it!

I hope your day goes better than my sewing attempts yesterday!



  1. I just got my issue today! I love your article. :)
    Ruth, your creations are well worth waiting for!! I don't know what I'd do without my Sniffle Pocket - we use it all the time. We'll be using our gorgeous travel pillows this weekend, and I'll be bringing my Tea bag wallet and Nick's tote bag too -- everything you make is so functional and ingenious. We love your work!! I'd gladly stand in line any day. :)

  2. You are so sweet, Tina! Thanks for listening to me complain in my last email to you about my sad sewing day...gotta love friends like that!

  3. Ruthie your creations are wonderful and I agree with Tina, well worth the wait! I am always so proud to have your purse or lunchbag on me and I can tell them its from my super talented and creative sister! :)

  4. Thank you Rebs! I'm glad your lunch bag gets use still! Love you so much!

  5. Aww...sorry you were having such a bad day...if it makes you feel better, Libby used the quilt you made her, as well as the beaded lanyard you made her the past few days. I use my travel pillow for trips, and oh yes....Libby always look fabulous in the dresses you make her! Love you, your other sis Rachel